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CHIM Dipartimento di Chimica 'Ugo Schiff'

Past students


Matteo Cremonini
Segmental labelling approaches applied to NMR studies of multidomain proteins in vitro and in-cell
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Cristina Licari
1H-NMR-based metabolomic applications in life sciences research
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat

Nihar Ranjan Prusty
Processes of FeS biogenesis in the cytoplasm
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Pedro Silva
Ultra-high resolution structure determination of transition metal substituted human carbonic anhydrase 2-inhibitor complexes
Tutors: Claudio Luchinat (University of Florence), Maria dos Anjos Macedo (University of Lisbon)

Dafne Suraci
Functional and structural elucidation of the mitochondrial Fe/S protein network
Tutor: Lucia Banci



Sara Bologna
Expression and characterization of human proteins involved in neurological disorders and enzymatic deficiencies
Tutor: Marco Fragai

Maria Grazia Murrali
Functional interaction studies of intrinsically disordered proteins
tutor: Roberta Pierattelli

Davide Sala
Application of molecular dynamics to the understanding of metal-binding macromolecules and their adducts
Tutor: Antonio Rosato

Valeria Putignano
Bioinformatics tools for metalloprotein analysis
Tutor: Claudia Andreini

XXXI Cycle

Giovanni Bellomo
Computational aspects of biomolecular NMR
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat

Federica Bianchi
Characterization of the human immune response after vaccination with Bexsero through structural and functional studies of human Fabs from a longitudinal memory B-cell repertoire
Tutor: Domenico Maione (GSK Vaccines srl), cotutor: Lucia Banci

Spyridon Gourdoupis
Molecular Aspects of Iron-Sulfur Protein Biogenesis
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Gaia Meoni
Application of magnetic resonance to metabolomics
tutor: Claudio Luchinat

Eriberto Noel Natali
Effects of antigen density on the protective immune response. A structural perspective
Tutor: Maria Scarselli (GSK Vaccines srl), co-tutor: Lucia Banci

Panagis Polykretis
Development and application of methods to investigate proteins in mammalian cells by NMR
Tutor: Lucia Banci

XXX Cycle

Eleonora Mercatelli
Development of novel sample preparation strategies for in-cell NMR
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Alessia Vignoli
Applications of Metabolomics in Biomedicine
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat

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